Cetec / Langevin Series 10 console

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Cetec / Langevin Series 10 console

Postby v.D.o » Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:03 am

Anybody ever worked on / owned / or seen one of these?

The unit itself says Cetec Series 10.. but the manuals that I read through on Silvertone Masterings' Electrodyne History page also calls it a Langevin Series 10 mixing console.

I'm lookin at buying one right now as a little project.. just a cool piece of history to own if I can get it at the right price.. BUT.. all of the leads coming off of it have been cut.. including the PSU cables.. and it does not have the PSUs either.. Alot of work would need to be done to get any part of it rolling.

Any advice or leads on some pinout sheets?
Would this be a disaster to get into?

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Re: Cetec / Langevin Series 10 console

Postby ORPHAN AUDIO » Thu Jul 28, 2011 10:42 pm

The stock Series 10 has 10 stereo channels with multiple sources for each fader and uses Langevin AM4000 series plug-in cards for each type of input (mic, line, phono, etc..) The AM4000 cards were the same used on the famous Langevin AM-1a and AM3a consoles which were the precursors to the legendary AM-4 mixer. The Series 10 was designed principally for broadcast use (TV, Radio) but could be used as-is for music with certain caveats, and modified/expanded quite easily because of the modular nature of its design and availability of parts.
It was created from a combination of Electrodyne and Langevin engineering and designs, since Electrodyne bought Langevin and then the conglomeration was sold to MCA and then Cetec. We have everything on the Series 10 that was in the archives at the time Cetec stopped support of audio products.

The operation, introduction and functional description manual appears to contain the basics of what you will need to reconnect the wiring, with pictorial descriptions of the tie boards and pin designations for audio I/O and power. To restore, repair or modify any part of the console, you will need complete docs on the Langevin AM4000 series cards, the console motherboards, sub cards and interconnect harnesses, which are detailed in separate documents.
A complete set of factory quality docs will probably run about $200-$300usd, but we can provide the basic operation manual for $25usd and credit it to the purchase of a complete set of docs.
We also maintain a huge inventory of NOS Langevin AM4000 cards and power supply components
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