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Quad-Eight Electronics CA27 Dual Op Amp
Electrodyne 1204 Sinatra Console

Electrodyne 1204 “Sinatra” Console

This is a special portable version of the standard Electrodyne 1204 recording console made for Frank Sinatra. Its serial number is actually “SINATRA”.

Quad Eight Custom Console

The "Quad Eight Custom Console" was originally designed and built for Oral Roberts University's recording studio. It lived there until the late 90's when it was sold to a private studio in southern California. It still resides there and is operational.

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Visit the Quad-Eight website. Quad Eight Electronics™ began in SoCal in the early 60′s building custom film re-recording systems in Hollywood and became a worldwide manufacturer of large format music and film consoles…

Quad-Eight Electronics


Electrodyne Corporation originally provided channel strips to Quad-Eight for the first of the custom consoles they built before starting to building on their own, and it’s linked with a number of firsts in the recording industry…

Electrodyne Electronics


Sphere is the company that the owner and the chief engineer of Electrodyne, purchased then eventually closed. They began to manufacture a line of custom and semi-custom recording and audio consoles for both recording…

Sphere Electronics


Contact us here at Orphan Audio for all your custom equipment needs. Orphan Audio technicians use the best of what’s around to engineer the best rackmount products for your purpose…

Orphan Audio Classic Audio Equipment


Some of Langevin’s earliest designs were for early aerospace companies including Hughes Aircraft. During World War II, the company grew tremendously as a second source manufacturer to…

Langevin Electronics


Principally known for their broadcast consoles for television and radio, ADMs are incredibly rugged, well designed consoles, requiring very little service and maintenance as was the need…


Helios began when Dick Swettenham was an engineer at a U.K. recording studio. They needed to build a new console so be began building one. Word got around…

Helios Electronics


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