About Orphan Audio

About Orphan Audio

QEE | Recording & Mixdown Console (Soundlabs)Orphan Audio began in the late 80′s, as Quad Eight Electronics, LLC (QE) closed its doors.  Orphan began providing the documentation and repairs for the hundreds of consoles and thousand of pieces of outboard gear QE created.

Support for additional companies was taken on as demand for more past American classics grew and some UK and Canadian classics were added as well.  Orphan purchased obsolete console manufacturing inventory during various plant closures and continued to buy up consoles in part or whole during the next 25 years.  Recently the remaining assets of Electrodyne, Langevin and Cetec were added to Orphan Audio’s continually growing and changing inventory.

Orphan Audio supports Quad Eight™, Langevin, Electrodyne, Sphere, Helios, Ward-Beck, ADM, and many other discrete transistor and hybrid audio equipment from the 60′s, 70′s and early 80′s with complete modules, parts, service, custom packaging, mods and engineering / application referrals. With the recent re-openening of Quad Eight Electronics, LLC, Orphan Audio has expanded its role and has added professional DIY kits and engineering services in cooperation with the newly reborn classic audio manufacturer.

Orphan Audio stocks an extensive inventory of Quad-Eight, Electrodyne, Langevin and other parts including discrete opamps, knobs, complete modules and outboard processors, many subassemblies for consoles as well as many original factory test jigs and engraving templates.

The inventory of transformers, console modules, EQs, compressors, preamps and unusual outboard proccessors is constantly changing, and new items are arriving every week. Orphan can supply documentation, repair services, consultation, and parts sources for many older and rare outboard processors including Lexicon, Ursa-Major, Quantec, Eventide and others. They also stock a wide range of classic and rare transformers and can help identify and replicate older types with cooperation from Cine-Mag (Reichenbach) and Jensen.

Electrodyne Corp™ is now a division of Orphan Audio and new products were shown at AES San Francisco late 2008.

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